Reverse Diabetes

The Hidden Syndrome

The Hidden Syndrome affects more Americans than any other disease.  It accounts for the top causes of death in the United States, causing shipwreck to millions of lives.  The hidden syndrome is obvious and yet you will rarely hear the term “Metabolic Syndrome.”   Metabolic Syndrome is the collection of symptoms related to your metabolism.  You metabolism is how your body processes the food that you eat – to convert it into fuel or to store it for later use.   You have heard people say, “Yeah, he has a fast metabolism.  He can eat anything and will not gain a pound.”  You recognize that metabolism has something to do with weight, but there is so much more to it than that.

Metabolic Syndrome is related to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stress.  These health challenges are the leading causes of death in the United States.  Frequently, an individual diagnosed with one of these challenges will quickly advance to one of the other health issues soon after, unless they address the core issue of metabolism.

·         About 800,000 Americans died of some form of heart disease in 2017. (1)

·         30 million Americans (9.4%) have diabetes, but only 23 million have been diagnosed. (2)

·         More than 85% of adults are overweight or obese. (2)


Think of Metabolic Syndrome as the Bermuda Triangle of medical diagnosis.  You may recall the Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Atlantic Ocean known to have more shipwrecks or disappearances than any other region in the world.  Similarly, Metabolic Syndrome is a triangle of health issues connecting cholesterol, blood sugar, and obesity.  Once you have been diagnosed with heart disease, obesity, or diabetes, you can find yourself moving into the triangle of Metabolic Syndrome if you do not address how to change your metabolism.

There is a way out of the "Triangle"

There is a way out of Metabolic Syndrome.  The key is to understand how your metabolism works. Different methods have been promoted for increasing your metabolism, such as Atkins diet, Paleo diet, or the Keto diet.  But if you don’t understand the primary mechanism that regulates your metabolism, you will not find a lasting answer to stabilizing your metabolism and realizing real health again.

The master hormone of your metabolism is insulin.  Every time you eat food, the body is monitoring the fuels in that meal and insulin is produced.  The higher the sugar content of the meal, the higher the insulin response will be.  This response is exactly what should happen to protect your body from sugar overload.  Insulin signals the body to store the extra sugar for later use as a fuel.   Your body responds quickly as long as it has space to store the extra fuel.  Storage takes place in the fat cells and muscle cells, and you gain a little weight.   So high insulin is an important trigger for weight gain.

As long as insulin levels are high, your body is receiving the signal to store energy.  This means you cannot lose weight, your blood sugar levels are staying too high, your blood vessels are under stress.   High insulin levels will block your ability to burn fat.  High insulin levels will block your ability to make natural anti-inflammatory hormones.  High insulin levels will block your ability to make natural anti-aging hormones.  But insulin is simply responding to your diet choices.  You must find the right plan to help reduce your insulin safely, naturally, and in a way that will be a lifestyle for you.  This is exactly what the Metabolic Balance Plan provides.

The Metabolic Balance Plan

The Metabolic Balance plan (MB) was developed 20 years ago in Germany, by a team of health professionals that recognized that a lifestyle plan is the only true solution to the growing obesity epidemic around the world.  The MB plan is based on the belief that your body will respond to quality foods and return to proper metabolic balance when those foods are part of a lifestyle plan.  After 20 years, the results demonstrate the MB plan is the most effective plan for weight management available today.   As discussed earlier, when you bring insulin under control, you will also see cholesterol levels improve, blood pressure improve, other hormones in your body will be released to operate correctly, and weight loss will happen naturally.

A Personalized Plan

Your MB plan is based upon a careful blood analysis of 35 values to determine your current metabolic state.  These values are matched with a food database to determine exactly what foods are best for you to achieve metabolic balance again.   This list of foods is assembled into a 3 day menu plan, which identifies the best protein for each meal, the amount of carbohydrates, and the quality fats you should consume.  About 1 million plans have been developed world-wide, since Metabolic Balance began 20 years ago.  You can get your own personalized plan by contact a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach today.

Time for Change

Metabolic Syndrome has dominated the American health scene for too long.  These related health issues are described as “Lifestyle diseases,” which means the choices we each have made are the choices that create the diseases we are enduring. (3)   While genetics or heredity may play a role in an individual’s health, you have options available for how you will manage the genetic road map.   A personalized metabolic balance plan is a significant step toward precision medicine using quality whole foods.  You can change your metabolism and avoid the Metabolic Syndrome “triangle” that the majority of Americans are getting lost in.

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The Evidence of Change

Many individuals around the world have received a personalized Metabolic Balance Plan and personally testify to the effectiveness of the plan.  Clients at Nutrition Proportion have achieved an average weight loss of 10 lbs in the first month using whole foods.  But this is only the beginning of the change that is possible.   Here is a personal testimony -

Since switching to the metabolic balance plan, my quality of life has improved in dramatic ways. After years of struggling with fatigue, brain fog, constant bloating, skin problems, hair loss, mood swings, insomnia, and constant cravings I finally am doing normal things that I have not had the energy to do in years, perhaps ever! I was one of those health nuts who only ate healthy and worked out regularly, even if I did not have the energy. I was following the trim healthy mama diet plan along with many friends, and I was the only one not losing weight from it which was incredibly discouraging. I had gotten my thyroid tested and learned that it was low. After starting a medication and being on it for 1 month with no relief from any symptoms, and even some weight gain I decided to try something new, which was metabolic balance. 
From the beginning I loved having the list of foods that I could eat. Dr. Aldrich was awesome, as whenever I had a question (and I had a lot of questions!) I just emailed him and received a response within a couple of hours, usually sooner. I really appreciated that as usually I was in need of quick answers.
The biggest change for me is that I put very little effort into weight maintenance now, I am at a healthy weight and if I go off plan for a meal and that leads to a couple of days I can get back on plan and be back to normal within a day or two. I also sleep much better and have much more energy than I did before. My hormones are balanced, no more low thyroid. I would recommend this plan to everyone!! Even if you think you are not in need of a change, the actual healthy way to eat and plan specific to your body’s needs is so surprising and helpful! I am forever grateful the God led me to this plan and to Dr. Aldrich for the help in achieving a better quality of life and healthier habits to teach my children. 

Your Next Step

Whether you are looking to reduce your cholesterol naturally, reverse diabetes, or be able to wear that smaller size outfit - the key is to get a personalized Metabolic Balance Plan and work with a Certified Metabolic Balance Coach to guide you to positive change.  At Nutrition Proportion, Dr. Noel Aldrich is available to guide you through the steps needed to bring your metabolism under control and see your health improve.  Information seminars are provided monthly and individual consults can be scheduled easily.  Contact us today to start your personalized plan.


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