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A significant principle of life is  "Life produces life."  You receive life and energy from living things. Life from one living thing will support life of another living thing.  In today's society, you are frequently encouraged to eat things called food, but these have been far removed from the living cycle. My wife and I ate such foods and one of the results was our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.  After the miscarriage and the struggle with the "Why" questions, a surprising answer came through nutrition therapy.  Following a specific nutrition plan, my wife and I experienced real health changes that resulted in two healthy children born into our family.  One of the significant changes was learning the necessity of choosing quality foods that support life. Our family has enjoyed quality health for many years now, and through graduate studies we have learned the science behind why nutrition works.


Our Mission

At Nutrition Proportion, we develop personalized nutrition plans to improve your body chemistry, strengthen the immune system, restore energy, and increase quality of life.  We provide resources to develop personal understanding and knowledge of the God-ordained design inherent in your body and in the food made to support life.  

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease
— Thomas Edison

Our Founder

Noel Aldrich, PhD          Certified Nutrition Specialist Practitioner       Licensed Nutritionist

Noel Aldrich
  • Began work in nutrition in 2004
  • PhD in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota
  • Researched the effect of protein intake on weight loss in midlife adults
  • Licensed Nutritionist in Minnesota, 2013
  • Received recognition as a Certified Nutrition Specialist Practitioner, 2016
  • Adjunct Professor for Maryland University of Integrative Health