I have worked with Noel Aldrich's guidance to get my diabetes under control for 6 months.  I have been dealing with diabetes for 20 years.  2 years ago I was put on insulin and the dose levels just kept creeping up. Following his guidance I have gotten off insulin entirely.  I still take Metformin, but the dose level has been reduced and may continue to drop as I lose weight.

I actually got onto his lifestyle change/diet wanting to lose weight, and wanting something that would work well with my diabetes.  I have lost weight and Noel assures me that I will continue to lose weight to a more appropriate level with my new lifestyle.

It takes some getting used to new food choices, varying menus, etc., but I don't see me going back, to my old eating habits.*       - Sam

Breast Cancer

Noel worked with me to build some new and important habits as I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  He was encouraging without being pushy, which I appreciated.  I believe God used Noel to help me successfully go through chemo and surgery in good health.  Many of his recommendations have just become part of my lifestyle.*    - Mary

Irritable BOWEL Syndrome

Noel Aldrich is very kind, patient and knowledgeable.  He keeps up to date on the latest research and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when assessing my health and treatment options.  He takes the time to answer all my questions or concerns and I never feel rushed on my visits.  He is by far the most collaborative provider I have worked with and I appreciate his comprehensive care and ease discussing the best approach for reaching my ideal health outcomes.*    - Tina

*Disclaimer note -  Results will vary with each individual.   Nutrition Proportion will work with you to understand your personal biochemistry and the nutrition plan that addresses your body requirements.