Grow Your Own Nutrition

You know the vegetable is good for you, but you cannot get over the taste in your mouth.  You wish something that is good for you would taste good too.  Each of us has at least one vegetable in mind that we try to keep off our plate, if possible.  If you have children, you know certain vegetables are a losing battle to have them consume a small portion.

If broccoli, or kale, or lima beans are supposed to be so good for you, then why couldn’t each of these vegetables taste better?  The problem may not be your taste buds, but the soil where the vegetable was grown.  You may have observed that a vegetable you have grown in your own garden tastes better than what you buy at the store.  Or, something purchased at the Farmer’s market has a fresher taste.   What do we know from research to prove what our taste buds are telling us?

Rich, enjoyable taste

is related to the soil quality the plant grows in

The key to rich, enjoyable taste in a vegetable is directly related to how the plant is grown.  I had the opportunity to meet with Jon Frank of International Ag Labs in Fairmont, MN and learn about what his company has observed for decades regarding the effect of improved farming practices on healthy field produce.  International Ag Labs has worked with thousands of farmers around the world helping them identify the natural fertilizer options needed to maximize the health of the soil so that quality plants will grow produce of the highest quality.   One of the key measures they have observed is that when the mineral content of the soil is improved the plants will produce a high level of natural sugar content throughout the plant.   A higher mineral content is observed in the plant that allows it to complete the chemistry needed to generate a higher level of sugar and thrive the way a plant is designed to thrive.

Jon Frank has taken this field work and applied it to the home owner’s garden plot.  Together we reviewed data on winter squash, which showed increased mineral content in produce that had been grown in soil that had been carefully tested and balanced with the proper level of micro-nutrients, such as calcium, copper, iron, and sulfur.   Comparisons of mineral content were made between store bought produce and produce grown in the prepared soil.  Increased mineral content of the produce was directly related to increased sugar content of the produce.  Increased sugar content with high mineral content means improved nutrient density and taste with every mouthful.  

Jon Frank is bringing this service of soil preparation to homeowners across the country through Grow Your Own Nutrition (GYON).  GYON will test your soil and provide a report on the specific nutrients your soil needs to produce quality vegetables and fruits that taste good.  Along with the report, you will get a custom blend of the natural minerals your soil needs to reach a healthy balance for quality produce.   Not only do you receive the custom blend your soil needs, but you also receive quality resources for continuing to learn how to maximize the nutrients in your plants, which results in a more successful experience growing your own produce.

The reality is there are some vegetables that you and I have eaten that have been very depleted in quality nutrients.  The result of low nutrients in the soil is a poor tasting vegetable or fruit.  You can improve your meals at your own table by getting the soil balanced with the assistance provided by Grow Your Own Nutrition.  Your Health Starts in the Soil.

This is the perfect time of year to have your soil tested for nutrient content and then receive the custom blend you need to begin the process of improving your soil so you can enjoy quality vegetables and fruit that taste great. The process of improving your soil may take some time, if no significant additions have been made over the years. Grow Your Own Nutrition helps make the process easier by providing clear instructions and resources to help you bring health to the soil and ultimately to your table. As you pursue a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, include a healthy management of your soil where you live.

Your Health starts

with the Soil