Diet Counseling

Food knowledge is the beginning of using food wisely.  You do not need to have a graduate education to know what foods are good for you.  Your body is already telling you, if you will listen carefully.  You can learn the foods that will promote healing, and you want what is best for you.  Nutrition Proportion offers one-on-one counseling, group classes, and metabolic balance analysis.  A personal nutrition plan can be developed for weight loss, improved energy, and restoring health.

A Metabolic Balance Plan is a personalized weight management plan based upon your blood chemistry.  A whole food meal plan is designed to help bring your body into metabolic balance.   Click  METABOLIC BALANCE to learn more.

Reverse Diabetes Program

This 6 month program is developed for the individual who wants to reverse the downward spiral of diabetes into dependence on medicine and decreased health.  Already proven successful to help individuals become free from the need to take insulin shots.  You will lose weight, increase energy, and add quality of life.  

You have a purpose in life to fulfill.  Learn what options you have to improve your health and complete the goals that you have in life.  Set up an appointment today to learn more.

Cancer Prevention and Recovery

There are many theories on how cancer begins, but the key to addressing cancer effectively will always include proper nutrition.   The risk of cancer can be greatly reduced with a quality nutrition plan.  Strengthening the immune system is difficult without consistent nutrient supply.


Understand how the body removes toxins from the body, and how the increase of toxins can increase the risk of mutations that lead to cancer.  A good detoxification plan includes foods that provide soluble fiber,  quality protein, and vitamins to assist Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification in the liver.

Energy Production

Energy is needed for cells to effectively reproduce and remove toxins.  Energy is needed for immune cells to aggressively attack any cancer cells.  A good nutrition plan addresses energy needs and helps relieve fatigue related to chemotherapy and recovery.

Immune System

A strong immune system must be present to keep a quality defense against cancer cells. Cancer cells are produced regularly, and the immune system knows how to identify and consume them.  The immune system must be fed quality nutrients to keep the body defenses strong.  

Natural Fertility Program

Supporting Life is the cornerstone of quality nutrition.  Whether you are preparing to have children, or already have some children in the house, your nutrient stores will be the resources that are drawn on to produce another life and to sustain your life.  Key nutrients are known to promote fertility.  This 6 month program will measure those key nutrients and establish a diet plan to fill your nutrient stores and prepare you for more life.